Past Presentations

Vancouver Watershed Health Assessment

Although the presentation was postponed a week due to snowy/icy weather, we had a great turnout on March 6. Jenn Schmidt and Jess Brown presented on the Vancouver Watershed Health Assessment, focusing on their Burnt Bridge Creek monitoring data and use of GIS based statistical analysis to determine trends. A link to their Vancouver Watershed Health Assessment presentation is below.

70th Anniversary (1948-2018) Vanport Flood Symposium

EWRG helped sponser this event at PSU reflecting on the history surrounding the Vanport Flood disaster, 70 years later.
Presenters include:
▪ Dr. Scott Burns, Professor Emeritus, PSU Geology
▪ Lumas Helaire, Ph.D. Student, PSU Civil & Env. Engr.
▪ Colin Rowan, Program Manager, Multnomah County Drainage District
▪ Ed Washington, Community Liaison for Diversity Initiatives, Global Diversity & Inclusion, PSU Presidents Office
▪ Dr. Melissa Haeffner, Assistant Professor, PSU Env. Sci. and Mgmt.
▪ Christina Appleby, Geohazards Analyst, DOGAMI
▪ Dr. Jim O’Connor, Research Geologist, USGS
▪ Dr. David Jay, Professor, PSU Civil & Env. Engr.