Past Presentations

Seth Jelen on North Albany Floodplain Analysis

Seth spoke to a full house at the Lucky Lab for our March presentation. He compared traditional 1-dimensional hydraulic and floodplain analysis to 2-dimensional near North Albany, Oregon. See his attached presentation for details. Attachments Seth Jelen Presentation – North Albany Floodplain (11 MB)Continue Reading

Thomas Walsh on Rainwater Harvesting

February’s presentation was given by Thomas Walsh of Murray Smith and Associates (MSA). Thomas discussed watershed scale LID benefits and costs, focusing on rainwater harvesting. His talk included recent innovations, drawing upon both material from his PhD dissertation and recent work. The presentation is attached. Attachments Tom Walsh Presentation – Rainwater Harvesting (5 MB)Continue Reading

The Modeling and Organizational Structure behind the Columbia River Treaty

In January, Pete Dickerson covered the modeling and political aspects behind the Columbia River Treaty. Pete went into the technical background behind a recent Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) flood modeling software called the Hydrologic Engineering Center Watershed Analysis Tool (HEC-WAT). HEC-WAT couples hydrology and hydraulics into one cohesive model. The watershed for this model…Continue Reading