70th Anniversary (1948-2018) Vanport Flood Symposium

EWRG helped sponser this event at PSU reflecting on the history surrounding the Vanport Flood disaster, 70 years later.
Presenters include:
▪ Dr. Scott Burns, Professor Emeritus, PSU Geology
▪ Lumas Helaire, Ph.D. Student, PSU Civil & Env. Engr.
▪ Colin Rowan, Program Manager, Multnomah County Drainage District
▪ Ed Washington, Community Liaison for Diversity Initiatives, Global Diversity & Inclusion, PSU Presidents Office
▪ Dr. Melissa Haeffner, Assistant Professor, PSU Env. Sci. and Mgmt.
▪ Christina Appleby, Geohazards Analyst, DOGAMI
▪ Dr. Jim O’Connor, Research Geologist, USGS
▪ Dr. David Jay, Professor, PSU Civil & Env. Engr.